"I guess I find such happiness when photographing love. I mean who doesn't just love, love?"

When trying to think of what to say about myself, I struggled at first and quickly came to the conclusion that my photographs describe who I am better than I can describe myself. I was raised in a small farm town called Harvey Station, New Brunswick. Childhood in the country provided me with the ability to run knee deep in the mud all while wearing my sunday's best. Somehow that same little girl is still inside. I have an excitement to dive in, all while trying to keep it together.

I feel as if this is why I love raw moments. I mean everyone loves a good classic style photo, but for me its about those moments. The moments when you can almost physically feel the love between a mother and her newborn baby, or when a father see's his daughter becoming someone's wife. 

When I was about 17 my mother surprised me with my first camera. Quickly it became my escape. I became so infatuated with photography. I looked for anyone who would let me take photos of them. I began doing grad photos that same year, which quickly turned into family photos, and couples. Within the first year of receiving that first canon camera I had a bride come to me asking if I would consider photographing her wedding. I can still remember the night before. I was terrified yet so ecstatic. "But in those moments of fear is where greatness happens" ( OR at least this is what I told myself.) I did not sleep all night. Its hard to believe that one day changed my whole life. From then on my weddings have become my biggest passion. I now believe when people say "you'll find your thing," because my "thing" found me.

I truly believe good things find you over the course of your life. Within the past three years my life has changed immensely. At age 20 I was still living in Harvey Station and attending St.Thomas University finishing my degree in Psychology. I met my all time favourite man, Matthew three years ago. He's such a positive person, who truly lifts me up and makes me feel all those giddy, warm heart felt things a woman should. Flash forward three years and I now reside in Riverside-Albert, NB. Funny where love can take you. Our little love, turned into something so much bigger on April 15th 2016. Ellie Rose graced our lives and right when I thought I knew what love was, I had no idea. Being a mother is such a crazy experience but I couldn't imagine anything less. There are tears, there are many wardrobe changes, and copious amounts of LOVE.  


Anyways, this is my life. THIS is Kelsey, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Hello, It's Kelsey